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Glenbull Bull Terriers is a kennel based near Ballarat in Central Victoria. 

These snippets of times past, the present and of future plans, are all a contributing factor to the success of my Kennel . 

How I acquired my passion for the Breed - As a boy on my paper round I came across a kennel of bull terriers i now know it was kramlla bull terriers, I stopped and stood staring at them transfixed.  I had never seen anything like them before; I  liked their appearance, strength and solidness.  I was hooked and still am today.

My first bull terrier -  was purchased in 1975 from Dabews kennels.  He was a great pet, later I purchased another dog, this time a bitch; I then started breeding and continued for over a decade, I bred about 15 litters.  My  knowledge base at this time was limited and my learning was purely from trial and error. 

Due to life events - I was unable to continue with breeding; although I kept two dogs to ensure the line stayed intact.  Sadly one was bitten by a snake and died, the other was diagonosed with internal cancer and as a result was de-sexed.

Now more than a decade on - I am breeding again under a different prefix.  All in all there is over thirty years of involvment with the breed.  I am sincere in my attempt to produce a consistant quality of dog.  Also I have a strong commitment to contribute to the positive evolvement of the breed. this all takes time and patience but i am in for the long haul


Bottom line- is  this kennel has its own ideas and does its own thing,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       picture above is of gunner my first bull terrier and myself over 30 years ago

Contact Details
Glenn Barry
Bunyip, VIC, Australia
Email : [email protected]

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